Szabó és Fia Winery

We currently farm on 23 hectares. The most significant variety of the Balatonfüred-Csopak wine region, in addition to the Olaszrizling, are the flagship wines of our native Juhfark winery in the Nivegy Valley. We have a really wide selection of varieties, Chardonnay, Szürkebarát, Rhine Riesling, Ottonel Muskotály, Kékfrankos, Merlot, Cabernet Franc. The Family has been living in the Nivegy Valley since the 1800s, and since then we have been engaged in viticulture and winemaking in small and then larger areas. From the beginning, wine production was the most important means of livelihood in the family’s life. Our cellar was built in 1986 on the top of the Fenyves hill on the family estate, in Balatoncsicsó, which was initially a small 50hl wooden barrel cellar, then expanded in 1997 with another arched wooden barrel section and a steel tank fermentation cellar. Year after year, we increased our areas and the capacity of our cellars. Gergő has been making Szabó és Fia wines since 2008, by now, our style has been established. Year after year, we strive to make clean, easy-drinking, no-frills wines, which we take great care in, replanting and rejuvenating our plantations. One of our most special areas, is the Juhfark plantation in front of the cellar, which was planted by our Grandfather 48 years ago.

Address: Balatoncsicsó, 1251 HRSZ
Tel: +36-20-960-9366