Gyukli Winery

Gyukli Cellar has been producing excellent wines of the Balaton region for almost four decades. As farmers, we believe that nature is pure, so we have assisted its processes both in the vineyard and in the cellar without chemicals as much as possible. We place particular emphasis on maintaining the long-term sustainable good health of the vineyards, carefully selecting the right variety for the area and reducing the ecological footprint of the farm.

The production of our wines is a small responsibility for our environment and our health, and when tasting them it becomes clear that organic farming is the only way to go in the long term.

In our 5 hectares of vineyards near our winery in Balatonfüred, we practice 100% organic viticulture. Half of these vineyards are planted with varieties resistant to fungal diseases, producing wines of outstanding quality. Our range includes a light, summer-scented, thirst-quenching sparkling wine, a full-bodied white wine that showcases the region, or even a complex red wine aged in barrique barrels. Our wines are a unique combination of the Balatonfüred-Csopak wine region and the potential of chemical-free farming.

We value the message of each vineyard and pay attention to the diversity of grape varieties. Our wines and grape seed products are regularly controlled and marketed with “Bio” certification, the “European Vegetarian Label” and the “Living Balaton Highlands” certification. Chemical-free farming, respect for the soil and the vine, and cellar technology without additives are all reflected in the taste and aroma of Gyukli wines.

We believe in the region, which is why we place great emphasis on local sales, partnerships and short supply chains in all aspects of life. Both in viticulture and winemaking, we have incorporated environmentally friendly technologies and renewable resources, reducing our ecological footprint year by year. Together with our staff, we believe in work, we love wine and we are passionate about nature.

Winery: 8230 Balatonfüred, Lapostelek-Dűlő 4049/2.

Sales – Szilvia Vaczuli +36/70-502-2502,

Winery – Krisztián Gyukli +36/20-981-0484,