Gelléri Winery

The dominant winery in the Upper Rózsé vineyards is the privately owned Gelléri Winery. The Antal Felsőgelléri family of noble origin has lived in the village since 1725, and in honour of this we named it Gelléri Cellar. The ancestors sold the wines they produced to wine merchants in Vienna until 1945. After a few decades, only the family wine cellar, built of red stone, remained. With a small amount of vineyards, the ancestors’ activities were revived after the change of regime. In 1997, we started planting vines on the land we inherited and bought. Including recent plantings, the family now has 30 hectares of vines. For many years we have been selling the harvest as grapes. Our wines have been on the market since 2002, but we started to make wine on a larger scale in 2004. We currently have a 1500 hl winery which is being expanded. Continuous improvements and human care have resulted in the current unique range of flavours and aromas.

The vines enjoy the mineral-rich soil, the sunshine and the reflection of the lake, the pleasant south-easterly and north-westerly breezes. The wines of the vineyard are dominated by the characteristic flavours of the red earth, which are typical of Italian Riesling, grey Pinot, Tramini and Chardonnay.

More recently, several red grape varieties and the red wines made from them have also become a delightful experience for guests. When enjoying white wines, we notice the soft, smooth acidity, the mineral or earthy flavours. The wines are accompanied by a soft greenish or almost white colour. They complement a Hungarian meal and make wine conversation sparkling.


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