Feind Winery

In 1995, Lajos Feind founded our winery when he bought 14 hectares of vineyards on the shores of Lake Balaton. From there, he started vineyard management and took it further into the wine-growing business. In 20 years, he expanded our vineyards to 130 hectares. The largest part of the vineyards is located on the Öreg hill in Balatonfőkajár, but we also have areas in Balatonvilágos, Balatonaliga and Balatonfüred, so all our vineyards belong to the Balatonfüred-Csopak wine region.

In January 2019, Lajos Feind entrusted the management of the winery to his son Zoltán Feind and István Bacskai, the managing director. In the opinion of the new managers, the winery had long since outgrown itself, so they dreamed up a 2,000 m2 winery on the outskirts of Balatonfőkajár. It was a complete investment, so everything from the grape processing, the presses and the bottling plant is now in one place.

We work with 20 different grape varieties on 130 hectares, so we have a wide range. The main direction of the winery – in which we are strongest – is fragrant white wines and rosés, but we also make a lot of nice red wines.

This year, we started to introduce radical crop restrictions on 5% of our areas. On these 7 hectares, we have very high expectations of the quality of the wines we produce. We have also applied this to varieties like Irsai Olivér, where it is not very common. We are very much looking forward to the results of this and we are curious to see what kind of quality improvement we can achieve with these varieties.

We produce and sell 12-13 thousand hectolitres of wine per year in bottles, bags, bags in boxes and juice.

The most important distribution channel is through the domestic retail chains, which is where the largest volume is sold. In addition, we are also present in the HoReCa sector with our own distributors and we also serve our customers through beverage wholesalers.



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