Nekem a Balaton…Füred

The Nekem a Balaton store, arrived in Balatonfüred in the summer of 2022. Nekem a Balaton Füred is a delicatessen, cafe and bistro in one, but above all a sense of life. A place where you can spend the whole afternoon, a social space where the coffee is delicious and the “kakaós csiga” carries everything… At least in our opinion. And not only pastries, as we are constantly working to fill the shelves of Nekem a Balaton with treasures of which we are also sincere fans. We welcome children with a children’s corner, and dogs with water and, of course, love!

Address: Balatonfüred, Zákonyi Ferenc u. 3, 8230

Openings and other useful information:
Instagram: @nanasiekhivatalos