Hotel Blaha Lujza – Hotel***


Hotel Blaha Lujza
Cím:8230 Balatonfüred Blaha L. u. 4.
Tel.: +36/87/581-210

Balatonfüred is the oldest health and holiday resort on the northern shore of Lake Balaton. It is a popular holiday centre because of its fortunate geographical and climatic conditions. The town has a lot of new and traditional programmes to offer for visitors (Anna Ball, Wine Weeks). The three-star Hotel Blaha Lujza can be found in Balatonfüred, 300 m from the lake shore, in the centre of the town that started to flourish during the age of reform. Hotel Blaha Lujza, the former holiday house of the”nightingale of the nation” became the property of our company, the Pille Gastro Limited in 1999.
The restaurant was furnished in the classicistic part of the building and the two-storey part attached to it gives home for the hotel.
In our partly air-conditioned restaurant you can try the masterpieces of the international, the Hungarian and vegetarian cuisine with intimate music in the background.
In our restaurant we can undertake to arrange various programmes.
Wedding parties, receptions, lectures. Sitting capacity: 140 – 240 people.
We have two separate banqueting halls for special occassions.
Banqueting hall no. 1: 70 people,
Banqueting hall no. 2: 18 people